If you'd like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We'd love to hear about your experience!


“We were very pleased with all the services.  Everyone was pleasant and well informed.”
- Robin & Cody

“Dr. Gregg and Staff went above and beyond.  All were very professional and caring.  I would consider you all extended family.”
- Dana

“Getting braces for my 50th birthday was the perfect gift!  Every time I look in the mirror I love the results and say, thank you Dr. Gregg and Staff!  They are the best, I love to smile now."

“Admire how “smoothly-run” your office is for so many appointments.  As a patient, we don’t feel as we are hurried through.”
- Daphne & Danni

“A very professional staff that works diligently at being accommodating and friendly.”
- Kim

“Wonderful office, Dr. Gregg and Staff knew what they were doing while on the job, and in making adjustments.”
- Tyson

“We found all the staff to be professional and friendly.”
- Kent

“You did a great job on my daughter’s new and amazing smile!  We are so pleased.”
- Heather

“Thank you for such a warm welcome this morning!  My daughter said that it is the best office that she has ever gone to and can’t wait to go back!” 
- Kaci

“Thank you Dr. Gregg!!  He did a great job and totally changed my life!” 
- Christina

“Thank you Dr. Gregg and staff.  We had a wonderful and comforting first-time evaluation today.  Although we are a few years from actual ortho work, everyone was so nice and helpful.  I feel good about our decision to see Dr. Gregg and look forward to our future orthodontic treatment with everyone there.”
- Lisa